Athens Airways

Athens Airways Checkin

Athens Airways Checkin

Today I flew to Mitilini for the weekend on the new regional airline in Greece, Athens Airways.

Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures onboard because I forgot the camera in the overhead compartment and we weren’t allowed to get up because of turbulence.

There was a cloud of mud (sand and rain) in the air as we lifted up out of Athens. There were also strong winds in Athens so take-off was very bumby and swervy, I felt kid of nauseous.

The aircraft was an EMBRAER ERJ-145 named “Νίκος Εγγονόπουλος” after the greek painter. It has 49 seats, three to a row, one on the left, two on the right. The cabin ceiling was extremely low for me, I just couldn’t sit up straight anywhere! But the seats had good leg room (well I was in the emergency exit seat and with no one sitting next to me). Athens Airways currently has 4 of these aircraft at the moment, all named after greek painters.

Each seat was equipped with a bottle of mineral water, a coco-mat pillow, a coco-mat cloth envelope containing 1 kit-kat chocolate, 1 unidentified candy and a wet towel scented with chamomile. With the exception of the low ceiling everything was stylish and comfortable overall.

Boarding Athens Airways flight ZF 454

Boarding Athens Airways flight ZF 454

Unfortunately there was too much turbulence to serve beverages. Also I don’t know if it was related to the turbulence but the stewardess didn’t let me use my laptop after take-off.

The weather in Mitilini was windy, 25 knots. The approach was very bumpy, and if i wasn’t looking outside the window constantly I would have been sick. The pilot did a very good job though and got us to the airport. Honestly I thought he would have turned around and headed back to Athens. There was a big applause from the passengers once we were taxiing down he runway 🙂

Update on the 6th of March 2009

On my return flight today there was fine weather so I got served some beverages and managed to take some pictures of the plane and the view of Mitilini and Lesvos from above.

3 thoughts on “Athens Airways

  1. Also very nice marketing reflexes, we are building GNTO new booking aggregation portal and we support package bookings, Athens airways wanted to join our system 2 months before lunch while other flight companies simply ignore it.

  2. Cool, it sees they have a good team. The owner, Sakis Andrianopoulos, is the founder of the succesfull Helesi.

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