akadimias vs solonos vs google maps

Ok, I’ve heard about map producers incorporating mistakes in their data to identify copies, but this goes too far:

What? Can’t spot the mistake? And you call yourself an athenian? 🙂

Anyway, according to Google Maps (or more accurately according to Tele Atlas) in the center of Athens there are two streets, side by side, called “Akadimias”. Of course anyone having spent a few weeks in Athens must know Akadimias street.

Actually the north-eastern street that, according to Google, is named “Akadimias” is called “Solonos” and is also very important to know if you live in Athens. Searching for Solonos athens brings up plenty of places on that street that correctly report their address as Solonos str. But you can’t find the street itself. Here’s how it should be:

Google Map correction of akadimias street

Google Map correction of akadimias street

One thought on “akadimias vs solonos vs google maps

  1. Γνωστό καιρό, και έχει και πολλά άλλα λάθη(λιγότερο κραυγαλέα βέβαια, σε κάτι στενά εδώ στου Ζωγράφου πχ). Γενικά δυστυχώς(?) το maps.live.com έχει πολύ καλύτερους χάρτες, και μέχρι να ετοιμαστεί και το google street view για την Αθήνα το bird’s eye view είναι το επόμενο καλύτερο διαθέσιμο view.

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